Wednesday, 31 January 2018

FiveBySix Challenge Underway

As of today we have 9 challenge participants on the Facebook page and a couple more following here on MQF ... I am looking forward to seeing how all the challenges progress ....

I've made a start ! I did my first leaf print experiments earlier this week ... while the results were interesting ... I'm not sure many will make the final 30! The pale pink apple leaf and the strong gold of the grevillea leaf were a surprise! A couple of the leaves I tried didn't leave a print at all !!!

I am planning to modify the process for the next run to see if I can get a better result. Will keep you posted! CC

Friday, 19 January 2018

FiveBySix ... 30 Day Challenge in Fabric, Stitch and Mixed Media

To get 2018 of to a flying start my good friend Melissa and I have decided to have a 30 day challenge and you would be very welcome to join us.  Here are the details and there are really no rules about what you work on or how you decide to complete the challenge. We have set up a facebook page for participants if you are on Facebook .. here is the link 
Otherwise you can follow progress here on the Monday Quilt files .....

30 Day Challenge
In Fabric, Stitch and Mixed Media

2018 Summer Challenge from 29 January to 28 February 2018

Join the FiveBySix Challenge to :-

-          Explore a new technique
-          Practice a skill
-          Work by hand or by machine
-          Create a collection for inspiration
-          Get to know a new subject or theme

Create 30 pieces of work in 30 days. 
They can be separate pieces or all on one ground. Your work can be as small as an “inchie” or as large as you like.  
While working on a daily basis is ideal … life has a habit of getting in the way … so you can work in any way or to any timetable that suits you.
You can work with any art medium and use any techniques you like.

To be part of the Challenge, you can go to the group Facebook page and ask to join the group.  Here is the link ....

Introduce yourself and set the parameters of your challenge … theme/subject, size, technique, and be ready to start on Jan 29.

Share your progress with the Group so we can support and encourage one another.

Or if you are not on Facebook,  email Carolyn at and we will keep you up to day via email and this site.

You will have one month after the end date to finalise the presentation of your work. 

When the Challenge is complete we will share all the Challenges in a Gallery on Facebook and here on the Monday Quilt Files Website.

Please understand that these Challenges can be addictive … 

Monday, 6 June 2016

I've Moved!!!

I now have a new website at  

Please check out what I've been doing lately and read my new blog/art journal by clicking on the link above .....

Hope to see you there!!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Old Italian Block

I've been thinking about the second quilt I need to make for the twins ....  decided it should be a different design but want it to be quick and easy like the Arrowhead block.   I've found a new "smart"  block ... if anything this one is easier ...  you start with starched squares of fabric, cut the shapes and then stitch them together ..... here's what the block looks like ....

I've made a set of blocks in blues and purples to see what the quilt might look like.  Here is a sample up on my design wall ......

I think this might do quite nicely for the second quilt!

Monday, 29 February 2016

Boys and Arrows

Our twin teenage grandsons are now over 6' tall ...  and not surprisingly have outgrown the quilts I made for them a couple of years ago .... so its time to make them new quilts ....

My first thought was that a New York Beauty design would make  terrific quilt for teenage boys .... geometric and colorful .....  so I went off to a class with Chris Jurd to master the design .... that was great fun and I made half a dozen blocks .... then it dawned on me that to make 2 large New York Beauties was going to take me I don't know how long but I'd be lucky to have them both completed before 2017 at the earliest!!!!

So I've been searching round for designs that are geometric and colorful and most importantly quick!!

A Crafsy class titled 'Traditional Blocks made Simple' with Anita Grossman Soloman caught my eye and after purchasing it,  I discovered her very clever technique for  making an arrowhead block ....
I can recommend this class ... it contains some really great tips and the technique delivers an excellent result ... even for one like me who is not much good at precision piecing ....

so I've decided on a navy blue and turquoise/blue-green/blue combination using geometrics, batiks and minimal flowers!!!  Think it should look very masculine.   I will need about 80 blocks ... so best get to work ....

This Way or That?

I have made some progress with the arrowhead quilt ... about 20 blocks so far  -  have decided I will only need around 60 in total if I add a border to the design, so that's the plan now.

I wanted to try out the layout options on the design wall and see what the quilt might look like and assess how my color choices are working.

 The first option is alternating the direction of the block ......

In the second layout, the blocks are all placed in the same direction .....

The effects are very different .... can't quite decide which I prefer.

Which one do you like?

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Boro Vest - Part 4 - Ready to Wear

I've been busy stitching away on my Boro style vest ... it's taken a while but it's been a very enjoyable project ...  the hardest question is to know when you have done enough stitching !!!   Here is what the stitching looks like .....

Once the boro stitching was done, I machine stitched around the edges of the vest using a small stitch to secure the boro  and the edges.   I trimmed the edges and then used a quilt style binding to finish the edges and so it's done .... ready to wear ...

I'm very happy with the end result and I'm contemplating whether I might make another version using the softer colors of the yarn dyed fabric I've been collecting.