Saturday, 26 January 2013

Toiles and Hexagons

I have always been drawn to hexagon quilts but often find I run out of patience after a while!!!  However Toiles and hexagons seem to go together and inspired by the 1700's Chateau de Cuchous bed curtains (Ref: 'Quilted Planet' Celia Eddy, Octopus Publishing Group Ltd, 2005) I've decided to try my hand again and experiment with a blue and white quilt.  I started by making white hexagon rings surrounding small scenes from the blue Toile

Then I joined these into a ring with hexagons in a variety of blues with the centre to be filled with Toile fabric

Now its time to play with the layout and this is what it looks like first up - I need to make a few more blue hexagons!!!   and sort out the placement of the very dark ones for balance and what to do with the edges; rows of hexagons or a toile border? - I'm not sure yet! though looking a this photo helps to pick out  the things I want to change.  This piece covers about half my queen size bed - so I'm thinking a skinny quilt/bed wrap might be a good option!!


  1. Wow, you have been busy, haven't you? Really taking shape.

  2. This looks quite gorgeous - and very tempting. So many quilts, and so few beds!