Friday, 8 February 2013

Reverse Applique

Reverse applique is a favourite technique of mine.  It can be a simple as cutting away one fabric to reveal the fabric below - the degree of difficulty being determined by the complexity of the design  -  or it can be quite complex with numerous layers and pieced fabrics in the inlaid design.

The simple bow in this rectangular cushion - yet to be finished  ....

......or the leaves and flowers of the 'Bluebird' cushion are examples of  reverse applique designs where one fabric is cut away to reveal another.....

This just the beginning -  you can use reverse applique to reveal more than one layer; you can applique in an area of reverse applique to create different levels;  you can also reveal pieced fabric  - examples of these combinations are used in the Geranium design .....

This cushion was an assessment piece for the Cities and Guild Course I completed with Design Matters  a couple of years ago and draws on the Mola techniques of the Kuna Indians of Panama.

Clicking on the following  link will take you to a Pinterest site  Mola- Kuna Art  with lots of  Mola images ..


                                                    ...............  well worth a look!

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