Thursday, 14 March 2013

Zebras Quilted!

After the pumpkin seeds yesterday I was keen to finish quilting the Zebras.   I had started with the pattern from the zebra fabric, then there was the question of what to quilt in the white areas .... my first idea was a leaf design .... but after doing the first small area I didn't like the result so the unpicker got a bit of a work out!   I then decided on the pebbles.  It's quilted quite heavily except for the zebras themselves ... and I am pleased with the result.....


  1. Hi Carolyn, the zebras are brilliant - actually both pieces look terrific. I'm constantly amazed by how the quilting changes the look. Each design chosen works really well to showcase the block design. Looking forward to show-and-tell.

  2. Looking terrific Carolyn, I also love the wavy lines repeating the zebra fabric.