Friday, 19 April 2013

Time for a New Flannel Quilt !

Just in case you think I've been doing a bit much snoozing during the holidays.....
                                  ........ where have the days gone!!!

With the cooler weather on its way (actually here today!!)  I decided it was time to make my husband a new flannel quilt - good for watching the AFL and the golf on telly.....
                  so here it is........

I've used blue and green flannels in strips,  inspired by the Modern Quilting designs that are so popular now.  It's very quick and easy to piece and after the learning experience of the last flannel design,  I thankfully didn't have any problems with distortions!!!

I'll keep the quilting design simple too .... if only to get it finished quickly!!!   the recipient is waiting ..... not too patiently!!

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