Sunday, 2 June 2013

Stripes and Scrappy Strips

I can't leave the free form blocks alone .... after not being very impressed with my efforts with the traditional Double Wedding Ring block, I have been playing with stripes and strip sets.  My first attempt resulted in the following place mat....

After a bit of ditch stitching and a few vertical lines, I've started to add  some 'big stitch quilting' circles in a random design ... a few more to go.

I think I might have preferred if the strip set had run horizontally ... perhaps I try that in the next one!

I've also been playing with a free form version of the Double Wedding Ring block ...

  This time I started with a stripe fabric and inserted wedge shapes to make it curve.  I'm planning to repeat these two curves to create a sort of frame .... not sure what after that...

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