Thursday, 25 July 2013

Finishing School.....

I've been trying to sort out my sewing room ..... major, major task - so far I've managed to pull everything out of the cupboards..... and in the process found a couple of treasures!  The first is a quilt top I was working on when we moved to Berry some 8 years ago!!!!

 It's a Sue Cody design built around some simple embroideries.  I'd pesonalised the pattern by adding my own simple leaf designs.....

 I'd finished the main part of the top and had started working on the final border.  Its a two coloured saw tooth border and I was making it using a simple paper foundation.

 I don't really know why I didn't finish it.  Seems like now would be a good time.....

This find got me thinking about borders ... recently I've been making applique borders or letting a piece of fabric do the work,  I'd sort of forgotten about piecing borders!!!  Perhaps a pieced border would be a good option for the Tile Flowers Quilt?

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