Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sydney Quilt Show 2014

Here is my quilt 'Cascades'  hanging at the Sydney Quilt Show .....

I was there on Wednesday doing my white gloves duty and was assigned to 'Rows 1 - 4' which included my quilt ... so it was quite fun watching people's reaction to it!!

 Had a lovely day ... caught up with my cousins Judy and Janelle,   some old quilting friends as well as quite a few RedBerries!!!

Was hoping to add to my Batik stash  ... but couldn't find any!!  I didn't leave empty handed though  ..... managed to find a couple of  treasures .....

Couldn't resist this box of Valdani hand dyed pearl thead ...

or this little purse kit from Studio Mio.......

just love the little lace zips!

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  1. Your quilt looked fabulous - congratulations. So pleased to see it hanging proudly there.