Monday, 1 September 2014

Wallhanging Finished!

It's finished .... quilted, bound, labelled, hanging sleeve added and a bag with a label prepared... all ready to go to the South Coast and Country Quilters Guild Quilt Show which is on 12,13 and 14 September .....

Surprising how long it takes to complete the "finishing stages" ....  the hanging sleeve is the bit I least enjoy but a set of good instructions has helped ............

Cut a suitable fabric, preferably to blend with the backing fabric,  the width of the quilt plus approx
1.5 inches by 2 x the depth required plus 1 inch;

Turn in each short edge (so the width of the fabric is about 0.5 inches less than the quilt width) and hem. 

Bring the long sides together and sew.  Fold the sleeve so the seam is at the centre of the back of the tube and against the quilt back.  Pin the sleeve to the quilt at the base of the binding and slip stitch in place.

To create a gusset for the rod,  roll the top fold of the sleeve up to the top of the binding  so it will not be seen from the front, and pin the resulting lower fold of the sleeve tube in place.  Stitch across the lower fold and each side of the tube and your done!

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