Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Quilting Decisions

It's often hard to know how to quilt a quilt ...  sometimes the basic approach of starting with stabilising the quilt by stitching in the ditch ... doesn't work!

I am helping a friend with one of her quilts .... the sashing and border is made with a black and white fabric with an irregular check pattern and the ditch stitching just made it look more irregular!!!  even though the piecing is spot on....

So what to do? ..... I contemplated various options for stabilising the quilt and decided on a curving line through the sashing .  I used a programmed stitch on my machine to make it easy.
For the blocks,  I decided to follow the lead of the flower pattern in the fabric and used a simple free motion flower design using the flowers in the fabric for placement. Here is a detail shot:....

I'm pleased with the end result ... I hope my friend likes it too!!

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