Sunday, 6 September 2015

Boro Vest - Part 2 ... Fabrics

I want to have a dark blue vest ... so with every scrap of dark blue Japanese style fabric I could find I started to lay out and pin pieces on the wrong side of the vest .  I started with rectangles and squares and then felt it need some variety so added some triangles and a couple of circles .....

and perhaps a bit of color!

After settling on the layout of the fabrics I tacked them to the base vest using the machine and tacking lines about every 2 inches.  Now its time for the stitching.  After trying out lots of options both light and dark,  I decided on a variegated blue Valdani pearl thread .... so I'm off to stitch....

If you would like to see how to tack and stitch Boro style check out the Youtube video by Jane McDonald from BeBeBold .......


  1. Looks amazing so far - great progress. The video is terrific, too. Boro is on my 'one day' list, too.....

  2. Great idea Carolyn. The touch of colour is good. I look forward to seeing this on you.