Friday, 19 January 2018

FiveBySix ... 30 Day Challenge in Fabric, Stitch and Mixed Media

To get 2018 of to a flying start my good friend Melissa and I have decided to have a 30 day challenge and you would be very welcome to join us.  Here are the details and there are really no rules about what you work on or how you decide to complete the challenge. We have set up a facebook page for participants if you are on Facebook .. here is the link 
Otherwise you can follow progress here on the Monday Quilt files .....

30 Day Challenge
In Fabric, Stitch and Mixed Media

2018 Summer Challenge from 29 January to 28 February 2018

Join the FiveBySix Challenge to :-

-          Explore a new technique
-          Practice a skill
-          Work by hand or by machine
-          Create a collection for inspiration
-          Get to know a new subject or theme

Create 30 pieces of work in 30 days. 
They can be separate pieces or all on one ground. Your work can be as small as an “inchie” or as large as you like.  
While working on a daily basis is ideal … life has a habit of getting in the way … so you can work in any way or to any timetable that suits you.
You can work with any art medium and use any techniques you like.

To be part of the Challenge, you can go to the group Facebook page and ask to join the group.  Here is the link ....

Introduce yourself and set the parameters of your challenge … theme/subject, size, technique, and be ready to start on Jan 29.

Share your progress with the Group so we can support and encourage one another.

Or if you are not on Facebook,  email Carolyn at and we will keep you up to day via email and this site.

You will have one month after the end date to finalise the presentation of your work. 

When the Challenge is complete we will share all the Challenges in a Gallery on Facebook and here on the Monday Quilt Files Website.

Please understand that these Challenges can be addictive … 

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